The Organization
Mission Statement
It is the mission, duty and purpose of National Student Laptop Program (NSLP) to address the ever-growing Digital Divide within the national student body. In the case of educational technology the have and have-nots not only dictate the future of the student, but of our country.

NSLP will bridge the divide by increasing the availability of computers to students of every income level and to all types of education providers.

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Contact NSLP
Phone: (951) 282-3188
For Educators
How SNLP will help
NSLP will assist all educators in obtaining in-classromm techonology at the lowest possible cost. The primary technology of focus are computers for student use.

The type of organizations that NSLP will serve are:

  • Colleges
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Public charter schools
  • municipalities
  • Libraries
  • Church organizations
  • Learning Centers / Day Care
  • Homeschool families / organizations
    For Students
    How SNLP will help
    NSLP will assist students and familes by providing laptops at the lowest possible cost. This will include 4 years of free support and warranty.

    NSLP will assist students attending:

  • College
  • High School
  • Trade School
  • GED
  • Junioh High
  • Grade School
  • Homeschool
  • Adult Education Programs
  • Distance learing Programs